Natasha Erotica
About Me

About Me

I began my foray into the world of kink and sexual inquiry in my teens, and I became a Professional Dominatrix (ProDomme) at the age of 19.  From the very beginning I was deeply dedicated, and trained in multiple commercial dungeons in the midwest.  By 21, I was out on my own, and at 22 I was running a dungeon of  My own.  I have always known this to be My calling, and as I grew further into My practice, I began expanding.  I have always believed that BDSM is healing, cathartic, and transformative.  I began to incorporate more spiritually-based methodology, energy work, and intentional relationship building into my sessions.  For a few years I focused more on Neo-Tantra (more about that here) and a heart-centered approach.

As with many things, the deeper you dive, the more full circle everything appears.  Tantra lead to questions about western cultural appropriation, the inherent disconnectedness of American culture, and the socialized fear and loathing of sex, bodies and difference.  All of this leads directly back into BDSM, power exchange, and the need for catharsis.  I started blending practices, being much more my authentic self in session, and drawing out the wildest, most uninhibited expressions in my partners.

My passion for intelligent intimacy has never diminished, and it is dynamic and ever changing.   I am intensely interested in your obsessions and peccadilloes, our mutual enjoyment and a sense of sanctuary in each others company.  I am at my best when we come to one another with the full acknowledgment of our complexities and contradictions.  I will meet you where you are, today.  I know what you need, often better than you do.

I am Eurasian, 5’8″ with long dark hair and a muscular build.

My facility is completely private, tasteful and fully equipped. When traveling I keep the same standards and expect the same of you if I come to your upscale hotel or residence. Verification is always required. Please be prepared. Are you ready?