Natasha Erotica
Consultation and Kink

Consultation and Kink

Do you need help establishing an open relationship?  Processing kinks before telling your partner about them?  Are you unsure how to proceed in your marriage now that your sexual connection has waned?  Do you have secret desires you haven’t expressed?   Do you think you want something, a new experience, but aren’t sure what that might be?  Do you simply want to meet me in person to discuss session options?  A consultation is right for you.  Email an introduction and a brief summary of your interests and desires.

No reference?  No problem! An in person consultation is also an excellent way for new clients to verify.  Be sure to bring a business card and ID with you to our meeting.

In-person, phone, or video sessions are available.

Phone: $100/30 min
Skype: $120/30 min
In person: $200 (In a public place over lunch or coffee ~45  min)