Natasha Erotica


Because the review process on many sites is uneven, I would like to offer you a selection of testimonials and responses from those who have seen me. These are in their own words, edited only to protect identity and remove place names. These are just a few, of many, and I hope they help you get a sense of how I operate.  

Dear Natasha,
Okay, that was fucking amazing!  I’m sure you hear that every time, but regardless, that was fucking amazing!  Um…Did I mention – That was fucking amazing?
You have a wonderful touch, aside from your obvious physical assets, and equally obvious intelligence.  I could be in big trouble here.  Your teasing and denial had me close to an altered state.  Sooo…how do we top today?  Or even match it?  Either way, today was very special, and thank you.  -K

i am submissive and have known and served this beautiful Human Being since She began Her illustrious career in Chicago approximately twenty years ago. Ma’am, as She wants me to call Her, has the trifecta of traits that anyone would want in the One it serves: intelligence, beauty and a true love of kink.  And, add to that, She is empathetic and really cares for You. She will give you want you want, crave and desire, but Her way. She will take what you give Her, and go ways you never thought possible. Bottom line, if you get the chance, you must serve Natasha. Money will be the last thought on your mind. -slave m

Natasha –Thank you. You are fantastic and I am glad my first experience was with you. I look forward to seeing you again. Really, a much needed experience for me and you are star-struck beautiful. -T,

Just wanted to thank you again for an amazing massage Monday night! Usually after a deep tissue massage I am relaxed but also very sleepy/groggy; after your massage I was thoroughly relaxed yet also very energized, awake, and full of life… calm yet euphoric, and I felt somehow taller, lighter and 20 years younger! I had no idea what was meant by ‘energy blocks’, but the removal of them must be the energy and vitality I feel, even several days later! You are truly talented and I look forward to many return visits! -D.J.

Natasha is incredible. Beautiful, sexy, absolutely rockin bod, exceptional skills, and very cool. Don’t miss an opportunity like this. I had no trouble booking with her, and everything about the whole experience was beyond my expectations. I will book as often as I can. It doesn’t get much better. -gp

What else can I say? Natasha rocks! Her comfort and confidence during our time together made it seem as though we had know each other for years. Incredible bodywork skills, I had aches in places I had no idea were even there! You will not be disappointed no matter what kind of session you choose. Be honest and open with her and you will be rewarded! -Marlin

Natasha…still feeling incredibly euphoric…..Thank you for allowing such a wonderful experience…..see you soon  -M

Natasha, I thought of you today as a client’s office is on ____ st, right around the corner from the first apartment I saw you in. I parked on that street and walked by the building. I remembered all of the incredibly hot times had in that dungeon. I’m lucky to have connected with you. Thank you 🙂  -TW

Hi Natasha,  Thank you again for the great session. It was incredible. You are incredible.  It was perfect.  I hope you will see me again. The thought of spending an extended amount of time with you is really exciting. Not only for playing but I would love to get to know you better.  -R

Good morning…..So great to meet you… Incredible weekend and I am very much looking forward to connecting again soon…. You are quite amazing… So beautiful in so many ways….Everyone is looking forward to our next wild night…. Thanks for doing such a great job on organization… Wow…-K

I wanted to thank you for the time we spent together today.  You are a spectacular woman, very serene and self assured, but there is an animal magnetism that you have lurking inside.  Your eyes are a spectacular gateway to your soul, and your physical presence is incredible.
Your skills are incomparable, and your patience in providing me with tips and comments was well received.  It’s easy to talk about you in superlatives, because you are such a superlative person.
Thank you again for your sensitivity and your presence, and I am honored to know you and have spent time with you.  I’m sure we’ll meet again,
With respect and admiration,  -R

thank you for a really incredible massage–I enjoyed meeting you–I hope all of your  performances go well.  By the way  you are really a beautiful person–I hope to see you next time I am in Tucson . -M

Hi Natasha!
I had such a great time this week! It was so hot and so much fun and incredibly intense! Can’t wait til next time! -B

I just want to say thank you again for today.  I not only had a wonderful time it opened me up. No pun intended.  -R

Hey Natasha,
Funny, I was just thinking about you.  Oh, who am I kidding, I haven’t stopped thinking about you! (:  Funny, despite a near perfect physique, it’s that infectious smile of yours I can’t get out of my head….
I passed out after you left and woke up this morning tingling all over (in a good way). Absolutely amazing.
What would make our next encounter even better would be dinner beforehand.  Some people grow less attractive with conversation, but talking with you has the opposite effect.  You are a rare find. That, and I love to eat with people who love great food.  Do you have a food preference?   I look forward to  seeing you next year.  -cp

Natasha,  Just wanted 2 say thank you for an amazing time.  You are even more beautiful in person!!!!  Can’t wait until I get a chance to please you.  -ML

Natasha,  It was very great for me to meet you.
I’m afraid that I might be mildly addicted to your particular way with things deep, twisty, and probing. Oh and I think I sensed a bit of the domme too.
All a first for me, and all of it leaving me feeling changed somehow. Go figure.   -JJ